Siwa, Egypt. Near the Libyan border. 2010.

Siwa, Egypt. One of the most beautiful and interesting places I've visited in my life.

Siwa, Egypt. Black and white.

Motorcycles have become ubiquitous in recent years, but many Siwans still get around by the traditional donkey cart.

Moped riders, Siwa.

The mosque. Overlooking the old city. Siwa, Egypt.

An other-worldy place. Note here the way in which the buildings seem to grow organically out of the hillside. The down-side: these mud buildings can be completely destroyed during one freak downpour.

This is thesite of an oracle that Alexander the Great visited. He wanted to know if he was the son of Zeus.

Looking across the salt flats to a mesa.

Misc Roman Ruins. Near the Siwa Oasis. Egypt. Photo by Dan Brodhead. 2009.

This is what an oasis looks like.